Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

Restorative yoga training
Next Course: Monday September 7th, 2020
Duration: 5 consecutive days - 40 hours total
Time: 10:00am to
Location: The Float Training Academy
Price: £595 early bird (ends April 30th) £630
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About the course

Emma Cole’s 40 hour course syllabus is a well-thought out, information rich, solid & structured scheme of work (and comprehensive manual) that promotes an inclusive, coherent, rewarding & measurable learning experience.

You can expect to gain a well-rounded and robust understanding of:

  • –  restorative yoga postures
  • –  variations
  • –  alternatives
  • –  contra-indications
  • –  anatomical & physiological effects & benefits
  • –  lingual enrichment
  • –  cues & considerations
  • –  correct prop set-up
  • –  alignment
  • –  adaptations
  • –  student differentiation
  • –  timings & transitions

Provided for you is a Restorative Yoga foundation rooted in knowledge, experiential learning and reflective practice. These key components of our training course sit within the context of group-work, self-enquiry, self-practice & self-discovery.

Alongside the accumulation of your knowledge, information & skill, you will also have access to a carefully curated process of self-development, drawing upon the following six traditions / models:

  1. Traditional Yoga Philosophy
  2. Buddhist Philosophy
  3. Psychodynamic Integrative Psychotherapy
  4. Body Psychotherapy & Somatic Psychology
  5. Trauma-Informed Practice
  6. Nonviolent Communication

TESTIMONIALS – Why this training?​​

“The course was really Informative and just what I needed for my work coaching Women in challenging situations. Without exception it was one of the most profound and informative experiences I have ever had” A. Tetsola, Emerson College, 2019

“Emma’s teaching skills were great and her passion and knowledge of restorative yoga comes across so well. Laura Clark, Emerson College, 2019

“The Teacher is warm, approachable & knowledgeable about aspects of yoga I would like to know more about. The syllabus is detailed and varied. Emma’s example training manual handout was very detailed.” Hannah Cowley, attended ‘Intro to Teaching Restorative Yoga’ The Float Spa, Hove 2019

“I enjoy Emma’s style of teaching and approach because it is fun, clear and profound. The syllabus was great – a blend of Restorative Yoga alongside Somatics, Trauma-awareness and creativity.” Emma Verey. The Float Spa, Hove 2019

Meet your instructor
Emma Cole Yoga

Emma Cole

Originally a trained professional Dancer for Opera, Emma has been teaching movement & Yoga for over 20 years. Trained formally by Claire Missingham and teaching Vinyasa Flow & Hatha Yoga, Emma is a Senior Yoga Teacher registered with and certified by The Yoga Alliance UK. She specialises in Somatic Yoga & Restorative Yoga & has devoted many years to understanding & supporting clients with trauma, CPTSD, CFS, ME and other conditions such as burnout, adrenal fatigue, anxiety & depression. Emma ColeEmma's ability to train Teachers is informed by her qualification and experience working as a School Teacher in secondary education and further education. This has equipped Emma with a sound understanding of how learning takes place, how a syllabus is translated into valuable and meaningful lesson plans, how to best deliver training and how to support the process of the learning & development of every individual.The three principles that underpin her training ethos are: PASSION | KNOWLEDGE | INTEGRITY

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