A Somatic Yoga CPD Immersion

Date: Saturday Feb 29th, 2020
Time: 10:00am to
Location: The Float Training Academy
Price: £80 Saturday or £120 for the weekend
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About the event

THE AWAKENING BODY is the first in a series of Somatic Yoga Immersions that will run throughout the year as a course, though guests are welcome to attend days of their choice as stand alone events.​ ​The three fundamental principles for our physical / movement explorations for this immersion will be:

grounding – presence – soma

“The awakening body is about the practice of awareness as an essentially somatic discipline…a deeply fulfilling practice enabling us to meet experience directly, to receive the pure experience of our life” Reginald A. Ray

This immersion is open to ALL students & no experience is necessary to attend. Yoga Teachers will receive CPD credits and benefit from a ‘deep steep’ in self-connection & wonderful experiential content to enrich your own sessions.

SOMATIC YOGA​ is a deep dive into the replenishing delights of the subtle body energies through mindfulness in motion. This practice introduces you to the nourishing experience of embodied mindfulness – an experience that cannot be described in words, though some have tried:

“It’s like eating a cream bun but without the calories” – Yvette

This practice involves all floor-based explorations & introduces of way of being in the body that is blissful & honest. No seeking, No striving, No pushing, No gripping on…

Just being

The end result is very similar to a Restorative yoga practice – the nervous system is soothed & gets complete relief but through very slow, very soft, gentle movements.

These immersions are a day long as ample TIME is required to really allow tension to melt away. It is an amazing opportunity and the time flies by! The day will be varied and will involve some basic, non-invasive hands-on, shiatsu pair work, similar to adjustments sometimes given in Savasana, inspired by hands-on exercises from​ ​The Skinner Releasing Technique​.

‘This Immersion can be taken as a stand-alone day or as a 2 day weekend with Sunday 1st March – THE FLUID BODY’

Meet your instructor
Emma Cole Yoga

Emma Cole

Originally a trained professional Dancer for Opera, Emma has been teaching movement & Yoga for over 20 years. Trained formally by Claire Missingham and teaching Vinyasa Flow & Hatha Yoga, Emma is a Senior Yoga Teacher registered with and certified by The Yoga Alliance UK. She specialises in Somatic Yoga & Restorative Yoga & has devoted many years to understanding & supporting clients with trauma, CPTSD, CFS, ME and other conditions such as burnout, adrenal fatigue, anxiety & depression. Emma ColeEmma's ability to train Teachers is informed by her qualification and experience working as a School Teacher in secondary education and further education. This has equipped Emma with a sound understanding of how learning takes place, how a syllabus is translated into valuable and meaningful lesson plans, how to best deliver training and how to support the process of the learning & development of every individual.The three principles that underpin her training ethos are: PASSION | KNOWLEDGE | INTEGRITY

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