Sisterhood, Yoga and Pranayama for Menopause

Date: Saturday Feb 22nd, 2020
Time: 3:30pm to
Location: The Float Training Academy
Price: £28
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About the event

A workshop designed to bring women together who are nearing or in the menopausal years.

One of the best remedies for menopause is to be with other women going through the same phase of life.

Lifestyle choices, diet and stress levels are key factors that influence how we transition into and through the menopause.

What’s involved?

Pranayama breath work to train mind and nervous system to come to ‘neutral’

Yoga poses that focus on stretching, squeezing, massaging and stimulating the endocrine glands responsible for hormone production

A long held restorative pose to soothe mind and body

A guided meditation to settle your whole system encouraging mental clarity and less anxiety.

A yoga nidra to help the mind and body rest, restore and heal.

Chocolate tasting to awaken our pleasure sensors and increase serotonin levels

A brief talk by nutritionist Jo Woodhurst to introduce you to the right food groups to help with hormone balance.

Meet your instructor
Diana Dearle

Diana Dearle

Diana has over 20 years yoga expereince and has been teaching full time for a decade. She believes that yoga is one of the most effective disciplines a person can have to realise their full potential. Responding to her students recent needs, she's now exploring how yoga, meditation and pranayama can help womens menopause symptoms.

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