About Us

What is the Float Training Academy?

As the sister business of The Float Spa, The Float Training Academy was created to provide an ideal training environment for the kind of wellbeing professionals we work with.  In fact, we opened this business due to overwhelming demand for such a space from the yoga instructors, meditation teachers, massage therapists and other therapists we see on a regular basis.  They told us what they would want from a training facility including the sort of space and service they required and we delivered.

The Float Spa is a hugely successful health and wellbeing centre in Hove offering floatation therapy, yoga classes, massage, acupuncture, an infrared sauna, chiropractic care and other complimentary therapies.  A large part of what has made The Float Spa so popular is the immaculate but relaxing interior and superb customer service so we have carried these attributes over to The Float Training Academy which is located just upstairs from The Float Spa.  Our well known high ethical standards will also be carried over to The Float Training Academy.

In addition to providing a training space perfect for wellbeing professionals, The Float Spa’s founder, Camille Pierson, often gets asked to share her business expertise as many trainers, therapists and instructors have all the wellbeing knowledge they need but don’t know much about running a business.  That’s why she is offering wellbeing business skills training as separate courses for wellbeing professionals or as add ons to their courses.

To find our more about what we can offer instructors and learners, contact us.

I wanted to create a stunning space in the heart of Hove where people can learn the benefits of wellbeing and share their knowledge, love, passion and expertise with future wellbeing professionals .

Camille Pierson

Meet Your Instructors

Camille Pierson

Founder of The Float Spa & Float Training Academy, Camille knows a thing or two about the wellbeing industry and how to maximise results with clients and also wellbeing professionals. 

Luke newton mason

When Reiki found me, the divine energy helped me realise that everything I have set out to achieve in life is already within me and everything I have been searching for is already here.

Nathan Synge

Nathan Synge

Nathan is a highly experienced massage therapist, and specialises in Ayurvedic Yoga Massage.