6 Week Happiness Course

Happiness Course
Next Course: Monday January 3rd, 2022
Duration: 6 weeks
Time: 10:00am to
Location: The Float Training Academy
Price: £120
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About the course

As we prepare to move into the New Year, allow yourself to slow down and discover the infinite stillness within yourself. Learn to move and think with ease; uplift your own happiness and the happiness of the people around you.

Week 1 – Be Still

Learn the art of true stillness with Vipassana meditation. Slow your thoughts to move in a state of calm and ease. Practise presence in partner work with body mirroring and trusting eye contact.

Week 2 – Prepare

Build a sustainable routine that allows for deep rest and replenishment to carry you through the Autumn & Winter.

Week 3 – Release

Release the mental and spiritual weights you have built this year to allow space for reflection and growth in the Spring.

Week 4 – Understand

Learn why we think, feel and act as we do, and how to change life long limiting patterns to pave the way for change.

Week 5 – Focus

Develop deep focus. Learn how to overcome procrastination and self-sabotage to allow exceptional personal growth.

Week 6 – Higher Purpose

Connect to your higher purpose. What you truly care about, what you’re really here for, and strategies to fulfil it.

This 6 week course will be offered in person at Float Training Academy, Langford Hotel Suites, 8-16 Third Ave, Hove, BN3 2PX

Meet your instructor
Kate Dennison life coach Brighton

Kate Dennison

Kate is a certified Strategic Intervention Life Coach trained by Tony Robbins and Chloe Madanes. She is founder and CEO of The Oasis Way CIC, a guided meditation practitioner, children's author and motivational speaker. After 10 years of extensive travel working with the most acclaimed industry experts, Kate developed a unique coaching strategy combining leading therapy technique with guided visualisations. Her clients have experienced family reconnections, blooming romances, sustained weight loss, mental tranquility and deep, soulful connections to their life's purpose that have resulted in incredible transformations. Kate specialises in connecting you to the core of your unique human potential. She will root you to your strength, your confidence, your self worth and fuel you up into the life you were born to live.

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